Finally, an affordable and updated waveform for injury rehabilitation, neuromuscular training, muscle activation, faster recovery and enhanced sports performance.

Therastim Phoenix Waveform

ARPwave Therastim Phoenix Waveform

 “A Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor and is cyclically regenerated or reborn.”

The Phoenix Waveform is an AFFORDABLE breakthrough in sports therapy, rehabilitation and sports performance. Similar waveforms are priced out of most people’s range. 

The Phoenix causes deep muscle contraction but still allows full active range of motion. Eccentric training, strong muscle contractions by the Phoenix then lengthening the muscles through specific mobility protocols are integral the Phoenix therapy and training protocols.
From an amp (amperes) point of view and from a waveform shape point of view, this waveform is one of the most powerful EMS units out there.
Used by members of the NFL, CFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Track & Field, American Ninja Warrior, USA Triathlon

Therastim Phoenix waveform

The Phoenix’s proprietary waveform is engineered to deliver high levels of current and act in with the the body and nervous system, allowing effective power and deep penetration with minimal resistance from the body and less surface discomfort.
Therastim Phoenix Waveform


An email from one of our happy Phoenix Waveform clients:

“Jeff! What is happening man. This is the 2nd day in a row where I was panting and out of breath and looked down and running faster then I have in a long time l. My lower body is acclimating extremely well to the Phoenix Wave.”

“I am sold. This is rockstar status.” – Tony, Ironman and Marathon Athlete

Therastim Phoenix Waveform
Other electrotherapy modalities enable patients to temporarily feel better while using their machine; however, because the penetration and characteristic waveform may not be sufficient, there are few long-term results.
The Phoenix Waveform is an effective too for identifying painful trigger points which are often found away from where the client is actually feeling the pain (know as referred pain). For example, a person may be experiencing knee pain but the knee pain is actually referred pain coming from a trigger in the quadriceps. Just treating the knee will likely not resolve this person’s knee pain.
Using the Phoenix Waveform HUNT PROTOCOL  enables the practitioner to seek out these trigger points, then treatment can be applied to the referring trigger point, the actual origin of the pain.
Once origin of the pain is found the Phoenix Waveform’s deeper penetration can release these trigger points.
Therastim ARPwave
(The blue dot is the trigger point (the origin on the pain) and the red is the referred pain.) 
The unique nature of the Phoenix Waveform allows the it to be used while the client is in full range of motion. Based on our experience movement directs the Phoenix Waveform to the point of injury much more effectively than when the client is in a stationary position. The Phoenix Waveform now is able to allow the muscles to contract and have go through eccentric (lengthening the muscles while they are contracting) motions while being stimulated, allowing almost instant increase in ranges of motion.
  This “Neural Stretching” produces almost instant increases in mobility thereby reducing the possibilities of non-contact injuries during events or training.
Most injuries are caused because your body can not absorb the forced placed on the muscle or joint.
For this reason we now need to train the nervous system and muscles to absorb force when it is applied. Failure to do this will likely result in a re-injury.
Therastim Phoenix Waveform
The nervous system controls every muscle movement. It’s not big muscle do not make you throw faster or run faster. The reason someone can run faster, jump higher or is more athletic is because their brain and nervous system is better.
Our technology re-educates and enhances the neuromuscular connection allowing your body to absorb force (Like landing from a jump or running). When you train the nervous system everything is better. It’s not bigger muscles that make someone an better athlete. 
ARPwave Therastim Phoenix Waveform
If you train your nervous system, you will likely have less pain, better range of motion, improve you activities daily living and if trying to do so, also improve and enhance your athletic abilities.

Train your neuromuscular system to absorb force and enhance the neuromuscular connection.  

ARPwave Therastim Phoenix Waveform 

 The strength and mobility protocols helped  me set a new USA Shot Put Record. Jason Rodie, Paralympic Athlete (cerebral palsy)

Neuromuscular Retraining to “Re-set” and enhance the neuromuscular connection activating and lengthening muscles while balancing the neuromuscular system.

Enhance and optimize neuromuscular response during exercise and training your body to absorb force.


Rise Up With The Phoenix Waveform And Unlock Your Body’s True Potential!

Take control of your own health.

Accelerate recovery.
Improve mobility.

Enhance performance.

Find the “origin” or other sources of your pain.

Contract your muscle 500 times per second

Strength train and rehabilitate without cardiovascular, mental fatigue or stress on your joints.


“A little background on me: retired 74 year old, physically active with weights and playing basketball.  I work a part-time job that requires physical exertion.”

“Over the years I have had a lot of nagging injuries that would go away and then come back.  Since using the Phoenix Wave most I have seen improvement in almost all of the discomfort.  The tennis elbow has decreased significantly.  I have avoided surgery for a pinched ulnar nerve.  With taking the supplements recommended and using the Phoenix Wave, I am seeing a decrease of the intermittent pain associated with only 20% cartilage of the knee medial meniscus left.”

“I would wholehearted recommend the Phoenix Wave to anyone who has chronic injuries and anyone who is recovering from torn muscles and/or ligaments, not to mention any strain or sprain.” -JC

Therastim Phoenix Waveform Arpwave
The Phoenix Waveform and electric stimulation device unlike the majority of  EMS modalities on the market today.

As a 9-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher, I know what pain, muscle fatigue and a ton of inflammation feels like. Here is my personal experience using the Phoenix Wave after a 24 hr, 26-28 mile obstacle course race.

“It’s like a mobile upgraded Therastim.”- Dr. Jeff Banas

Therastim Phoenix Waveform

(for those of you who know what that is)


Achieve maximum results with minimal training.

Train harder, even after your muscles have fatigued.

Recover faster. 

Strength train and rehabilitate with no risk of injury often associated with intense muscular contractions of this kind.

Improve your flexibility and mobility in minutes.

Allow your muscle to deliver more power and absorb more force.

Eccentrically train your muscles.

Arpwave Therastim Phoenix Waveform

“Finished the Ironman training LESS than 10 hours a week.”– Dr. Jeff Banas

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