Finally, An Affordable and Updated AC/DC Waveform for Sports Therapy, Neuromuscular Training, Enhanced Recovery & Sports Performance.

Includes training on mobility, sports therapy, enhanced recovery and strength training protocols. 

 “A Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor and is cyclically regenerated or reborn.”

Therastim Phoenix Waveform


 Phoenix Waveform Therastim


Therastim Phoenix ARPWave

Neural Fit Training Systems

Enhanced Recovery and Performance

Neural Fit Performance Training uses the Phoenix Waveform during movement-based training to build stronger, more optimized connections between your brain and muscles, thereby enhancing recovery and performance.

Neural Fit Recovery uses the Phoenix Waveform to “hunt” for the origin and other sources contributing to pain or an injury. Then while the Phoenix AC/DC Waveform, at 500 contractions a second, the client preforms eccentric movement-based training to the area, which greatly improves the mobility of the area. The results are enhanced mobility, flexibility, reduced pain and enhanced healing. 

These protocols and training methods are designed to help people of all ages and abilities RISE UP, achieve amazing results and become the person or athlete they have always wanted to be.

Therastim ARPwave Phoenix Wave


Therastim Phoenix Wave

We can come to you!

Onsite Enhanced Recovery And Athletic Performance Training at YOUR Clinic Is Available


Rise Up With The Phoenix Waveform And Unlock Your Body’s True Potential!

Take control of your own health.

playfastnow (Instagram): Isometric Strength Training @sportmetrx – @nfl linebacker @devondrecampbell of the @atlantafalcons using the Phoenix Waveform by @banassportstherapy to optimize pressing strength. #sportscience #nfl #phoenixwaveform #power #strength #ems #speed #superbowl2019 #probowl2019

Accelerate recovery.

Improve mobility.

Enhance performance.

Find the “origin” or other sources of your pain.

Contract your muscle 500 times per second

Strength train and rehabilitate without cardiovascular, mental fatigue or stress on your joints.

“A little background on me: retired 74 year old, physically active with weights and playing basketball.  I work a part-time job that requires physical exertion.”

“Over the years I have had a lot of nagging injuries that would go away and then come back.  Since using the Phoenix Wave most I have seen improvement in almost all of the discomfort.  The tennis elbow has decreased significantly.  I have avoided surgery for a pinched ulnar nerve.  With taking the supplements recommended and using the Phoenix Wave, I am seeing a decrease of the intermittent pain associated with only 20% cartilage of the knee medial meniscus left.”

“I would wholehearted recommend the Phoenix Wave to anyone who has chronic injuries and anyone who is recovering from torn muscles and/or ligaments, not to mention any strain or sprain.” -JC

Afforadable Alternative to the ARP Wave and Therastim


Afforadable Alternative to the ARP Wave and Therastim

The Phoenix Waveform and electric stimulation device unlike the majority of  EMS modalities on the market today.

The Phoenix has the unique ability to produce unique AC/DC waveforms which are capable of creating dramatic results on mobility, strength, training recovery, injury rehabilitation, and pain relief.

Where you feel pain is not always the source, cause or origin of the biomechanical dysfunction. The Phoenix Wave not only achieves amazing symptomatic results but also addresses the source, cause or origin of the biomechanical dysfunction and/or pain through our proprietary combination of biomechanical, neuromuscular and functional evaluation protocols. We work one-on-one with our clients, through Skype, to make sure you get to where you feel you need to be and to help guide you through our protocols and evaluations process. 

As a 9-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher, I know what pain, muscle fatigue and a ton of inflammation feels like. Here is my personal experience using the Phoenix Wave after a 24 hr, 26-28 mile obstacle course race.

By using a unique combination of AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) the Phoenix is able to create a dynamic and adaptive environment within the body. When the Phoenix waveform when coupled with our guidance and proprietary protocols help people of all ages and abilities RISE UP, achieve amazing results and become the person or athlete they have always wanted to be.

ARP Wave Therastim
The strength and mobility protocols helped set a new USA Shot Put Record. Jason Rodie, Paralympic Athlete (cerebral palsy)

“It’s like a mobile upgraded Therastim.”- Dr. Jeff Banas

(for those of you who know what that is)


Achieve maximum results with minimal training.

Train harder, even after your muscles have fatigued.

Recover faster. 

Strength train and rehabilitate with no risk of injury often associated with intense muscular contractions of this kind.

Afforadable Alternative to the ARP Wave and Therastim

Improve your flexibility and mobility in minutes.

Allow your muscle to deliver more power and absorb more force.

Eccentrically train your muscles.

ARPwave Therastim


“Finished the Ironman training LESS than 10 hours a week.”– Dr. Jeff Banas

Afforadable Alternative to the ARP Wave and Therastim
Finished Ironman with less that 10 hours a week thanks to the strength and endurance protocols

Proper use of the Globus Phoenix can generate increased strength, increased speed, increased joint and limb mobility, increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and decreased recovery time.

Individual results may vary.
Consult your physician or health care provider and follow all safety instructions before beginning any new exercise program, especially if you are pregnant, or have any medical condition. The contents on our website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Read the Globus and Phoenix Training Manual Fully before using the EMS unit. Results will vary depending on the individual, personal health status, performance goals, and proper use of the device.    Terms of Service, Disclaimer, & Privacy Policy                                                                                                              Copyright 2018 Dr Jeff Banas